Life is betterwith the healthy glasses. 

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A revolutionary technology

Our technology takes you into a new world that will make your daily life easier. Knowing what you eat, the quality and the origin of the product has become important in a world where we are more and more careful about ecology and waste. 

Eyes tracking technology

Thanks to the eye tracking technology and see-through technology, they detect what we are looking at, scan the product and display all the data on the left lens in augmented reality without altering your field of vision. We have three pass checks: the healthy one (between 100% and 70%), the mid healthy (between 69% and 50%) and the non-healthy (less than 50%).

Eat better, eat cheaper 

If you use your Healthy Glasses in our partner shops, you will have a lot of promotions to allow you to consume good quality products like fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

We'll help you

Inside the Healthy Glasses, there is a system that allows you to access hundreds of recipes and a nutritional program tailored to your dietary goals 

They chose to trust us !

A technological advance.


Human health supported by science.

Mission & Vission

Our mission is to improve human health. To do this, we make a simple promise: To make cooking, food and dietary programs accessible to everyone.

We have been noticing for years that what we consume on a daily basis has a significant impact on our physical and mental health, but it also has an adverse impact on the planet. We are going to change that.

Our Impact

With our glasses, there will be less waste. We calculate the exact amount of food needed for each person according to their weight, height, nutritional program and what they want to eat 

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